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Message From: MARTIN, INDIA/GERMANY on 5-Feb-2004
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I’ve got to agree. Your site is great, far better than ours!

Message From: JOE THOAMS, US on 27-Jan-2004
Profession: HOBO
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Thanks for the site, it is really informative and easy to navigate

Message From: PETER WENHARDT, AUSTRIA on 26-Jan-2004
Profession: SCULPTOR
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Three months in Goa and for the first time I hear real music with heart specially. Thank you Esperanto.

Message From: JONATHAN STONE, UK on 20-Jan-2004
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Hello Geetha and Gopal, thankyou so much your hospitality, it was fabulous to visit you, even though the visit was so short. If you are ever in UK, get in touch, bestwishes, Jonathan

Message From: CYNTHIA JOHNSON, USA on 7-Jan-2004
Profession: STUDENT
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Great Site! I really like you web site!